Jigyasa 2017

When was it?

The 2017 Innaugral Edition of the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz was held on April 20th. Preliminaries were held at Tangetia’s Goa office at 11 am. Of the 50 teams that participated, 4 were shortlisted for the finals.

Where was it?

The Grand Finale of the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz was held at Sneh Banquet Hall, Porvorim. Sneh Banquet is known for making all the difference with unmatched ambiance, enchanting surroundings, and fascinating luxuries all under one roof. Pawaskars a reputed business house since the 1970s have ventured into hospitality business in 2015.

It’s a Twofer!!*

Goa Carnival is the most famous festival in the state and has been celebrated since the 18th century as a precursor to the abstinence of Lent. The ‘Carnaval’ is exclusive and unique to Goa and was introduced by the Portuguese who ruled over Goa for over five hundred years.

North American informal
1.an item or offer that comprises two items but is sold for the price of one.